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Japanese cultural workshop presenter

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Meet Yuki Tessler,

I am offering Kintsugi and Maki-e workshops in Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and France. Born in Saitama, Japan, I embarked on a diverse journey, spending a decade as a stage lighting designer in Tokyo during my twenties. In my thirties, I moved to Australia, where I developed a passion for pathology and worked for seven years in anatomical pathology.

In 2019, my family’s move to the Netherlands ignited my love for European architecture and culture, enriching my appreciation for Japan’s traditional heritage and techniques.

Today, I’m your guide to discovering Kintsugi and Maki-e art in enchanting cities. Additionally, I specialize in facilitating team-building and self-growth activities for universities, companies, and Japan-related events. Join me on this artistic and cultural journey.


EVENT workshop

Kintsugi lecture &workshop. May 2023
I facilitated the workshop for researchers from TU DELFT/the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Maki-e workshop, June 2023
I hosted the workshop that was organized for the internal celebrations of TU Delft or more specifically, the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Kintsugi demonstration and workshop, September 2023
I organized and led the Kintsugi demonstration and workshop at the Open Dag event hosted by SAKB Kunstlokaal Amstelveen.

Maki-e workshop , September 2023
I had the honor of being invited as the host for the captivating Maki-e workshop featured at Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam.

Kintsugi workshop in Nice, France , October 2023
I hosted a kintsugi workshop in Nice, France for 2 days. It was organized by the Japanese concept shop ‘Kogamina.’ I taught Kintsugi philosophy and methods to passionate French people who love Japanese culture.

Find japaneworkshop.net

You can explore a unique Japanese culture through Kintsugi philosophy, and wabisabi. Join me in Amsterdam, Delft, or Rotterdam for engaging workshops held in a Japanese cafe, trendy shops, and a Japanese gallery. Immerse yourself in the art of Kintsugi and Makie, allowing your hands to express mindfulness and deepen your understanding of these concepts. Step away from mere readings and truly experience the beauty of Japanese traditions firsthand.

Workshop places

Amsterdam:_`t Japanse Winkeltje

Delft: japanworkshop.net

Groningen_Batsu Japanese winkle en webshop

Rotterdam_Japanese osozai deli

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