Unleash your artistic potential and embrace Kintsugi. Embrace beauty. Embrace Kintsugi.

Discover the beauty of Kintsugi with a Kintsugi kit from japanworkshopnet – the Japanese art of embracing imperfections and transforming brokenness into captivating works of art. Our authentic and modern Kintsugi Kits provide all the tools and materials you need to seamlessly restore and enhance objects with ethereal elegance. Embrace the therapeutic nature of Kintsugi and find joy in the philosophy of embracing imperfection. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, our kits offer a gateway to artful resilience. Shop our popular back-in-stock Kintsugi Kits today and enjoy the authentic materials from Japan, accompanied by detailed instructions and videos, to explore this art form in the comfort of your own home. Choose from three different ranges tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Product specifications (19 items)

  • Raw Urushi Lacquer(30g) x1
  • Red(E) Urushi Lacquer(8.5g→20g)x1
  • Black(Kuroro) Urushi Lacquer(6.5g→20g) x1
  • Japanese ultra fine brush x1
  • Ashirai Brush(for golden powder) x1
  • Sand paper(#150,#360,#800,#2000) 1 each
  • Brass powder (golden) 6g
  • Flour 20g
  • Tonoko powder(clay powder) 20g
  • Wood powder 10g 
  • Charcoal x1
  • Wooden sticks (L and S) 6 each
  • Plastic pipette x1
  • Mini Thermometer Digital Hygrometer x1
  • Mini Sponge
  • Gloves x 1set
  • 19 instruction short videos are available in English

What is special about this kit?

  • You can use authentic kintsugi kit multiple times to fix up to more than 10 items
  • We provide three diffrent types of Urushi Lacquers, it offers you that you can experience traditional kintsugi methods.(Since they are natural and genuine lacquers, they may become curly if it is attached to the skin. When it comes to your skin, wipe it thoroughly with turpentine oil or vegetable oil.
  • Charcoal is used as an abrasive to smooth paint surfaces and gluing seams. (Despite careful handling, occasional breakage is not completely ruled out in this natural product.)
  • You can use on potteries and ceramics.
  • There is no problem to use kintsugi pottery for foods and drinks repaired by the authentic kintsugi method.

There is a rare case where some people may develop a metal allergic reaction to brass powder. If you are at risk of developing a metal allergy, we recommend using real gold powder, which can be purchased from our website.

Product specifications-Full set (12 items)

  • 2 component epoxy glue
  • 2 component epoxy putty
  • Shin Urushi Lacquer x1
  • Ashirai brush x1
  • Japanese ultra-fine brush x1
  • Sandpaper(P150,P320,P800) 1 each
  • Brass powder (golden) 6g
  • Wooden powder 10g
  • Wooden sticks x5
  • Gloves x 1set
  • 5 instruction short videos are available in : English and Japanese.

What is special about this kit?

  • You can use modern kintsugi kit multiple times to fix up to more than 10 items.
  • Shin Urushi Lacquer offers you an experience close to the use of an authentic method.You can paint very fine golden line with this.
  • There is no risk for rash from SHIN Urushi lacquer.
  • Japanese ultra fine brush can make lines as thin as possible. This brush is also used for Maki-e (Traditional Japanese lacquerware technique).
  • Wood powder can be used for making paste to fill the gaps between pieces of broken pottery.This paste creates flat surface and allow you to draw beautiful golden line.
  • You can use on potteries, ceramics, glass and plastics.

Raw Urushi (30g)

As Raw Urushi is a natural and genuine lacquer, some individuals may develop allergic reactions if it comes into contact with their skin. Please wear gloves and long sleeves to protect your arms. If it does touch your skin, thoroughly wipe it with vegetable oil or turpentine oil. If your condition does not improve, discontinue its use and consult a doctor for advice. It is important to store Raw Urushi Lacquers in a cool, dark place. If the temperature exceeds 20°C, please keep it in a refrigerator (DO NOT freeze it, as it will not work)

Gold powder (0.1g)

If you are skilled in Kintsugi, you can create a golden line of approximately 20 cm.

Charcoal x 2

Size: approximately 1.5 cm in diameter and 6.5 cm long x 2. Please understand that these are charcoal, so they can be easily broken during transport.

Silk wadding x1

Size: approximately 4 cm

Please do not to use kintsugi pottery for foods and drinks repaired by the modern kintsugi method. Please do not use dish washer and microwave for both authentic and modern kintsugi pottery, ceramics and glass.

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