Modern Kintsugi Workshops

For a modern method, we utilize two component epoxy glue to carefully piece together the broken pottery. Following this, we apply a coat of SHIN Urushi, a golden paint, and finish it off with a sprinkling of exquisite brass powder.

Please note that while the modern kintsugi method creates stunningly restored pottery, it is not suitable for use with foods and drinks.

Take a two-sessions workshop to achieve more satisfactory results.

All materials and tools are provided. Only bring your broken pottery. If you have a new poterry, please do not try to brake it yourself, bring it unbroken.

The workshop takes about 3 hours on the first day, 2 hours on the second day. It is held in English or Japanese.

Authentic Kintsugi Workshops

Our restoration process adheres strictly to the traditional methods of kintsugi, employing authentic urushi throughout the restoration. This meticulous technique guarantees the utmost delicacy, and it allows safe use of restored potteries with both food and beverages.

While the first session is exclusively held in Delft, you can choose from multiple locations including Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht for subsequent workshops.

This course is perfect for craftsmen interested in mastering the kintsugi restoration method thoroughly. You can learn advanced techniques for restoring various types of pottery.

All materials and tools are provided, including the potteries to practice on.

The workshops are not in consecutive days. Each session takes about 1 to 3 hours and held in English or Japanese.

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